Advantages when hiring our services or the method Real Estate Mortgage Planning

A large part of real estate buyers do not find someone to help them to do the numbers right, the financial analysis for the acquisition, someone to help them to find the property, the bank, and the planning to obtain the best possible mortgage.

Someone who also knows about taxes and achieves the best benefits at the time of purchase.

That person is Libardo Quintero and his team.

You can also take our services independently.

Real Estate

We are good decisions for a better acquisition.

Our Real Estate acquisition service is extended to first time buyers as well as high end investors.

Our representation in the areas of buying and selling Residential, income properties, multifamily, Commercial, 1031 exchanges, and Reverse Purchase.

Our strategy offers step by step guidance from the begining to the end and we will explain all the third parties involvement on each transaction for better understanding.

All transactions in real estate required different approach and strategy and our final goal is helping you to make an educated decision on your transaction

(acquiring/exiting or exchanging).

Protecting real estate acquisition is onother added  benefit and a must on your financial strategy plan and your path to wealth and financial freedom.

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Mortgage Loans

We are good decisions for a better return on investment.

The market has different mortgage loans available with different criterias to fit your goals. Chossing the best loan for you is our goal as Conventional, ARMs, Jumbo, FHA, VA, Calhfa, Reverse Mortgage, Commercial  

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Reverse Mortgage

We are good decisions for a better retirement.

We are dedicated to helping American seniors leverage their home equity as an asset to help fund retirement, Reverse mortgage loans are specifically designed to help seniors, age 62 and older, tap home equity to help cover their retirement needs. You can use the proceeds from your reverse mortgage loan to pay for medical care or other bills and much more.

Stay in your home and own your home without making another monthly mortgage payment again (you are only responsible for taxes, insurance and maintenance like any other home owner).

Another investment tool with the leverage of a great exit strategy that allows you to retain ownership of your property, to cash out and  invest in other properties for positive cash flow and gain the extra income to enjoy your retirement.


We are good decisions for a better family legacy.

Real Estate Investment is the best tool to grow your wealth, to secure monthly income, better tax benefits, positive cash flow and best is to secure your early retirement, Allow me to analyze your current investment for more efficient cash flow or to help you to start to built your investment portfolio to gain all benefits available.


A complete analysis of your commercial investments from foundation to syndication is our goal. Cash flow analysis revision, the acquisition of new properties as well as commercial loans and  1031 exchange.


Being licence in the area of taxes allow us the opportunity to show the benefits off tax advantages with the ownership of real estate (owner occupancy or investments). All the different forms of owning a property as an individual or at corporate structured (C Corp, S Corp, LLC etc)